Re-established in it’s current position directly across from Purgatory Mountain in 1959, the Wattstull Inn actually began where Interstate I-81 sits today. Built by Ed Watts, whose parents owned the Wattslynn Motel and Restaurant in Natural Bridge, VA along route 11, the Inn’s name was derived from the Watts and Stull families as was the Wattslynn. The Inn was originally made up of individual cottages shown in the postcard. Once construction began on now I-81 the Inn was moved out of the valley floor and left of it’s current location today.

wattstull court original
The Inn as it originally set in the valley floor beneath Purgatory Mountain

The Watts family then re-built a number of cottage rooms and re-opened for business as it had originally. As time passed and business grew construction began on what is currently known as the Wattstull Inn. Situated across from Purgatory Mountain, the view from your room is one of the best in the Shenandoah Valley. The Inn is a family operated business striving to provide a family oriented experience and the best service possible. New projects, added amenities and value-adds are currently underway and constantly being addressed to provide our customers the best experience possible.

The re-built Wattstull Inn overlooking Purgatory Mountain in it’s current location as of 1959.